by Dr Joshi

Supernatural,transcendental Reiki

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    What is 'Paraloukik' Reiki?

    The 'Paraloukik' word means supernatural, divine, transcendental power, which can not be defined by Modern Science. Know your conscience, then know the universe, then get connected with God. It is called supernatural reiki.

    In the supernatural Reiki, why significance of cognition is more important?

    After knowing the conscience, by connecting with the universe, the cognition that Lord Mahavir, Lord Buddha experienced was top of everything. When Dr. Mikau Usui found same kind of experience, the seeker has a tremendous change in him. Without the supernatural powers, the seeker becomes lower category heeler. It is compulsory to know the supernatural reiki to become a Grand master level Guru.

    Why transcendental reiki do not have any signs?

    Every spiritual philosophy has two thoughts of schools. The one which believes in ritualism, and the other tries to attain God. Our religion also says that, by pouring milk on stone idol, no one can found God. But knowing your conscience with meditative thought, go to God and then give some milk to thirsty person, then you will get both virtue and God. But some people deviate the society for their own selfish interests, that the seeker do not get anything, yes this grows business of the guru.

    On the same philosophical way, the symbols, crystal ornaments or any type of garland, thread do not have any power. Signer, crystal, wreath, yarn selling people are only businessmen, not people with powers. Reiki is not a person to read Japanese sign. If there is strength in the sign then it is our Almighty OM, believed universe has been created through it.

    The power of Healing is not in the symbol, believing tin symbol is a superstition and a tantric work,in supernatural Reiki. Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavir, Jesus Christ, and many accomplished Mahatmas only look at people or simply touched them and people got cured.

    Why Transcendental Reiki is considered to be extremely powerful?

    Outside the our five senses, beyond the five elements, when pure vibrations are realized by the soul, it bestows a power. That is tremendous transcendental experience to a person than merely healing. The rest of Reiki's creed only talk where transcendental Reiki is an experience.

    Why supernatural Reiki do not have levels?

    The people who do business in the name of Reiki, have composed the level for teaching under which, people are financially exploited. According to the level, money is taken from thirty thousand to four lakh rupees. Ultimately: when they are taught Paralaukik Reiki. They call it as "Grandmaster".

    Why supernatural reiki has less propaganda in India?

    Reiki came in India from America, where Takata Howai franchise owners were aggressively marketing its brand.

    For example, in India before 500 years, Karma Kanda was at its peak, then the importance of karma kanda was reduced over the period of time. In the same way, the cult of Takata came to India on the strength of money and the economic exploitation of society by their gurus. But now gradually their so-called Master, the Grand Masters, are exposed. They do not have the tendency to do good to the humans except a shroud business perspective. They do not even have the power to fix their own self. Society is evaluating them closely. Because of which people are now in search of supernatural Reiki. Yes, but it is also true that the teacher who teaches supernatural Reiki are very few in number.

    Why is Paralaukik Reiki so holy and pure?

    When people become master by spending lakhs of rupees in Takata Hawaii's cult, they used Reiki to recover that money. Due to the basic idea of well-being of the people, the purity of the supernatural reiki becomes insignificant. It is not contaminated because it is not in any kind of symbol, material, thread so it is very pure.

    In India, who are mahagurus of supernatural Reiki?

    In India, credit goes to two persons for bringing supernatural Reiki. One is Acharya Ishwaranand Joshiji and the other is his Guru (who is no longer in the body) Paramahansa Atmanandji. Atmanandji was a Himalayan ascetic and a great master. Both the great gurus visit the monastery of Dr.Mikau Usui in 1991. There they have received the initiation of Paralokic Reiki. So far, with the efforts of these great people, more than five thousand people in the country have achieved Parloukika Reiki. You are also warmly welcomed through Guruji.

    Explore more about Reiki?

    Reiki is a cosmic energy which makes us happy in life. Reiki is tought in non-organizes school. There are very few organised schools which teaches Reiki perfectly. This is a cosmic enrgy which, passes through our body, mind and soul.Reiki flows strongly from our body parts where hairs are not present, like Palm, bottom of legs, lips etc. Reiki is a power within you. By birth we all are having this pre-loaded software, called Reiki. Only thing is that we have to activate it properly and use it. Once it is activated our life becomes happy. Though there are trainings through unorganised schools, overall it is very powerful.

    Is Reiki only used to cure deceases?
    No, it is not only to cure deceases. Rather.... Reiki never works on deceases, but it converts our body, mind & soul into pure substance. There is a difference between working on illness and working on pure healthy body. First one is negative and second one is positive. The secret is Reiki is used for our "Prosperity". The definition of prosperity is different from person to person. According to Dr. Usui, who discovered Reiki, prosperity means a healthy mind in healthy body where no stress of money is there.

    Many times it is heard in news that militants did Reiki of a place or building, is it true?

    This is a big 'farce' I ever seen. Actually that press reporter must forced behind the bars.
    The reason is...1) who told 'this' reporter that Reiki was given to particular place?
    2) If reporter knows he is giving Reiki for negative purpose he has to inform Police, did he?
    3) The militant runs away in other country, not caught by police, then who told reporter about performingReiki? There is no technique or device to find out Reiki vibrations after performing it...
    4) Reiki is not like any paint or it does not have any smell then how this reporter know that there is a Reiki given to building?
    This is a stupidity. More stupid are those who read it. In India there are many people who believe "if it is printed, it must be the truth" where the facts are different.
    I take this as a big trap to make Reikiunpopular. Unfortunately there is no organization in this world to raise voice against it. At the maximum Reiki enhances power of any substance. It is not a magic to blind fold people or get vanish in thin air. Next time if you read any such news, you sue reporter in Hon. court.

    What is level I, level II, level III, Master or Grand Master?
    According to Dr. Mikao Usui foundation, he never appoint anybody as a Master or Grand Master.
    There is no level. This energy is cosmic energy. Once it is activated it is activated. Dr. Usui never declare any one as Grand Master or Master. Lets understand history behind it. An American woman (native of Japan) named Takata got lungs cancer. She was about to die, then her neighbor suggested her to take Reiki treatment at Japan. She took treatment and got cured, it was miracle.
    She has seen large potential to earn money from it. According to "Usui Shiki Rohiyo" she was not allowd to convert it into business. Then she visit America and with help of one businessman she started her new business called "Reiki teachings".
    Americans hate Japanese, because of Pearl Harber attack, by Japan. So she was not accepted by Americans, whole world has seen hatred of America by Hiroshima, Nagasaki bombings even after end of war. Then she declare that Dr.Usui was a Christian priest, where in reality, he was a Buddhist philosopher. (this is one of the reason Japanese hate Takata and her teachings of Reiki.) She started to earn huge money. Now to earn more she declare a syllabus with level I, level II, level III up to Grand master level. She introduced many Symbols and deliberately asked to debate for purity of it...
    Total fake.. What a Grandmaster is doing ultimately? He is able to cure any one and can teach Reiki to any one. Ok. That can be done by any of our student who learned Reiki from us.
    Takata was successful business woman she has introduced pendulum, globes, necklace and many ornaments to fool people. At one side you are teaching people that this is cosmic energy activated through your body and soul then why you are asking people to purchase ornaments? Total business... I have seen many Takata teachers telling people give me Five hundred Rupees and 30% Reiki is activated. Then give One thousand Rs 80% Reiki is activated, Then if you give One Thousand Five hundred Rs. 100% Reiki is activated. What a shit!
    It's interesting to know then how Reiki entered in India.
    Lets study the political history of the world. After world war II, there was a new tension called "cold war". The USA(America) and the USSR (Russia) were two giants and rest of the world divided into their friend and foes. Till up to Mr. Michael Gorbachev took himself as president of USSR. He has created a movement called Perestroika and Glasnost (means globalization and freedom) Then USSR shattered onto pieces. Now in around 1980 USA became the super power in the world. This was the time all over the globe people start to feel USA as a heaven on the earth. The films, music, fashionable clothes, food, medicines everything captured whole world very fast. This was actually westernization of whole the world. In that era Takata's Reiki entered in India. And Indians feel Reiki is from heaven. Instead of understanding it from the roots, everyone starts to believe Reiki, means Takata's method. I have seen Takata method Masters when they print book, they are so ruthless that they do not print even a small photo of Dr. Usui, and they used to print 20 30 photos of herself or himself, shame shame..
    I have seen an agency which does Aura scanning. It was funny to see Aura scanning is a photo developed in a software called 'Photoshop'. Actually Aura scanning is a photographic technique developed by 'Kirilians' in which we can see only red yellow green blue spots or lines. It never never never comes with your physical body. As what we seen in normal photograph. If anyone takes X-Ray photo then is it possible to see your face? Not at all, X ray must show your bones inside. Like that Aura scanning is spots or regions of colors. So be aware of those fake Aura scanners. They may charge Rs three thousand to six thousand per photo.

    Once it is understood that Reiki is a part of Cosmic energy, then why it is considered as it is there in any Symbol?
    Let me explain. First of all she is not a human, which can 'read', if she is reading, can she read only Japanese language? Then we Indians believe that origin of the Universe is OM. Then where is OM in Reiki? Third question, which is very logical, to draw anything on paper by ink is a chemical process. A paper is made of a chemicals, and ink is also made of a chemicals. If I draw anything, does this paper have any godly energy in it? The answer is NO. It is not having any god like energy. It is simply a piece of paper, if anyone feels anything, then it is a psychological game. An Indian person may keep feet on paper which has Dragon picture on it, where Chinese person may not keep feet on it. Like that a picture of any Hindu God can be under any Chinese persons feet, he will feel nothing of it. But for a Hindu person it might be different. The point I want to make is, there is no extra energy in symbol drawn with the help of, paper and Ink. I have seen Masters selling those symbols for half a million aware.
    Please understand cosmic energy, don't act like fools to pay 'this' much money for the sake of nothing. Those so called masters are like Middlemen in Temples, between You and God.

    OK. Tell me how Reikiworks?

    Reiki is a cosmic energy which flows from our body, once it is activated. Reiki remains in our body till our death. Even if you activated Reiki and then not used for ten or twenty years still it is there. If you wish to take Reiki even after twenty years, it will get activated. When it activates it is one hundred percent!

    Is there any relevance betweenReiki and Kundalini Shakti?
    Yes, Reiki is a part of Cosmic energy flowing through body and soul. Kundalini is also part of cosmic energy flowing through body and soul. Many scholars believe that Reiki and Kundalini are like two sides of one coin.

    Modern Science doesn't recognize Reiki as a science?

    Yes, that is true. Modern science has many limitations to understand this whole universe. It doesn't recognize God, it doesn't recognize negative energy like Evil, it doesn't recognize strong will power... but still it exists. It is a fashion from western thinking that all cultures from the world and there beliefs like Ayurveda, Unani chikitsa, Jalchikitsa etc are fake. Which is actually wrong. We accept modern science but we give importance to vibrations and perceptions.

    Is there any side effect of Reiki?

    No, there are no side effect of Reiki treatment. Being a natural power, only required power is accepted by anyone's body. It gives total health, physical as well as mental.

    Is it possible that we may get illness of a patient anytime? Then what is the remedy?

    Yes, it happens many times that a master may get ill after treatment or a patient get more worst condition after giving Reiki to him. There are few reasons to understand. Energy flows from More to Less. If any patient is far more negative than your healing power negative energy may enter in your body.
    Many time condition of patient reaches at worst level even after giving Reiki to him. This is because Reiki actually enhances energy. If negative energy is not taken out from the body there are chances that the negative energy may get powerful and patient may get into worst condition.
    To avoid both situation, first of all take self Reiki at least once in a week. Second remove negative energy by cleaning his aura by help of Pranik Healing. Pranik Healing is more advance technique than Reiki.

    What is Supernatural Reiki?

    Supernatural Reiki is ultimate healing power, than any other Reiki form. It is direct connection with Cosmic Suprimo.

    Disclaimer: Reiki is a hand on Japanese natural healing system of energy balancing for the purpose of stress reduction and relaxation only. Reiki is not a substitute of medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. Always consult your health care professional or general practitioner first. Reiki practitioners do not diagnose medical conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment prescribe substances or interface with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. Reiki is meant only to compliment medical treatment and not to replace them. We strongly recommend you to see a licensed physician, general practitioner for physical or psychological ailment whether it be acute or chronic that you may be suffering from or suspect that may have.