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What is GarbhSanskar ?

There are two types of Garbh sanskar (pregnancy rites), first, religious sixteen syllabus. Second, the psychoanalytic conception culture.

We will discuss the sacrament of the second rites of the scientific birth culture.

After the union of the parents, the embryo begins to grow in the womb of the mother. From the third week to the third month, the God sets the soul into child's body. It is a contract, between the mother and the child's soul. The Hindu sage knew about all these mysteries. A story of Abhimanyu in Mahabharata is a true story. From the fifth month up to the delivery, step by step many things can taught to the child in the womb. So can we give birth to a super human? The answer is yes. Can we definitely determine the birth date of the child? The answer is yes.

Mother's mentality and the behavior of family members,affects child's mentality. If the mother has less confidence, or if she is a cowardly person. The child will be a coward. If the mother has habit to sit in front of the TV, then the child will eat food while watching a cartoon or a program on TV. If the mother see the ghosts TV serials then the child will be afraid of the ghosts. There is a strange problem in India, if the son is born then at the age of eighteen / twenty he takes hostility with the father.

The reason is that, when a couple gets married, they get "Good News" In a year. it does not like by the husband. Because he had learned to have sex now, after few months of efforts. Now he was enjoying sex and wife has given good news suddenly. For husband good news means "no sex"! But he is happy to know that he is suppose to be a father.

Wife is so happy with the news, that she does not allow her husband to touch her, when her husband wanted more and more sex pleasure. Still he does not go to a prostitute, or makes relations with any other woman. Then after two months, five months .. six months, 'Sexual Starvation' is at the top. Now he seems to harass wife. He starts fighting with wife (for sex). Due to the starvation he becomes aggressive. There is only one witness in the battle of husband wife, the child inside the womb! He listens to all and also reacts to it. It gets recorded in his brain, that he will take vengeance of the person who harbors his mother.

This memory is recorded in child’s memory, when he becomes an independent person in future, then starts taking revenge with father. No one knows about that.

On the Contrary to this, even today in many countries, it is considered inauspicious to give birth to Girl child first. First boy birth is considered auspicious. Therefore, mother always keeps thinking, if 'Girl' is born, then I will kill her . Many times she killed the girl baby in her imagination. This idea is read by the baby inside the stomach. Because of which when the child herself becomes a woman, i.e. thirteen / fourteen, (when her M.C. begins), she becomes the enemy of mother. Both of them will be very loving,at one stage but sometimes they may quarrel and fight extremely.

In the seventh, eighth month, any small or big person is near the pregnant woman the child will copy the style of speaking , walking exactly of that fellow. Then it is said, child has gone ditto to his uncle or aunt. Even if there is a pet or a bird in the house, with whom the mother has a lot of affection, then the child also has affection for pet.

By knowing the child's grasping power , we can teach him music, or teach different languages or religious sentiment in the womb. Whether he or she will be a business person or the artist depends on the Garbhsanskar given by us.

Mother's contribution is important in these pregnancies. Let us give birth to a child, so that you and your bright future will be created, otherwise you will regret! If try to have sex with wife in seventh, eighth month.