What is Chhayapurush?

The Practice Of Shadow Man

Chhayapurush is nothing but 'tratak' of our own shadow. ("tratak will be explained in later part of the article").Shadow man is always there with us. Only we can see it in light. It is there in night or dark also, but we can not see it.It is around us in 360 degrees The creator has given us one physical body, and along with it, one soul. Like that every physical body has one shadow man.

No one can steal your soul, like that, no one can steal your shadow man. Shadow man has no dimensions. It can be long, it can be short, it can be very tiny. Like ghost or Jinn it can change its size from any dimension to any dimension within fraction of second.

Shadow man has many colours. Like we have many colours inside direct direct sun light. . After sadhana siddhi we can see many colours of shadow man.

Shadow man exactly moves like our soul. What ever body movement,or where ever we go, shadow man protect our physical body by covering it.

According to hindu shastra one has to stand under the sun from 12 pm to 2pm and do tratak on shadow man. That is true, that by performing this kind of tratak gives fast and better results. But before 200 years people were very strong, they were taking natural food and there were very few things to disturb.

Now in modern era, people are not that strong, they do not have proper diet, the living style is changed. So we have to be little liberal while performing this tratak. People do enjoy this tratak from August till January. But after February, that is in summer, till start of monsoon, it becomes very difficult to stand under the sun. It is our humble request that one has to take benefit of technology.

Please create artificial light, by using normal 100 watt bulb. which gives very sharp shadow man. Please do not useCFL, LED bulb or tube light, because under these type of light sources shadow man looses its outer sharp edges.

Sit in a comfortable room close doors and windows make the room dark. Or best way to choose time after 10 pm to 5 am in night. Put a 100 watt bulb in such a way that your shadow should fall on the wall. Wall must be coloured with milky white paint. Or stretch a white cloth on the wall.

Always use chair to sit comfortably. Or else you may suffer from back pain. Because we have lost habit to sit without back support. Ok...There should not be any others disturbance. Now close eyes, start to recollect your gurus voice. Before starting this sadhana one has to learn it properly from guru. we at we teach at a very scientific method. After recollecting gurus commanding voice open your eyes slowly.

Imagine the agya chakra (Agya chakra is believed in between our two eye brows, on forehead.) on the shadow man and start to gaze on it without blinking your eyes. This may create irritation to your eyes, this may create burning sensation to your eyes. But still do not blink your eyes. Keep gazing till 21 minutes. gazing without blinking eyes is known as "tratak"

After few days you will start to see colours at the edges of the shadow man. Then total shadow man starts to change the colour. First it starts flicking with light and dark shade.Then it appears with grey colour, then it changes to purple colour. Then it suddenly appears with sky blue colour, then orange or dark red etc. If you keep some knowledge about Kundalini Activation, , you will be able to jot down that those colours appearing are related with the Kundalini Activation,

There is deep relation with Kundalini and shadow man. After few days your shadow man will start to vibrate. Then one day he starts to move literally. It then starts to move within a room. Now at this point many performers get frightened, and stop sadhana, but please keep it on.

Still further it starts to speak with you. But it is only the vibrating thundering voice. We do not understand its meaning. then after few months we start to understand this mysterious message from the universe. It might be from other world, it might be your future it might be about your past life. Its really amazing to decode its tune. This needs patience and strong belief within yourself and your teacher...all the best.

it is suggested not to do this tratak alone, Please perform it under powerful guru.

Further gudence is available at our centre.

Desclaimer: Results may very from person to person, depending on stong belief and way of performing. The image shown above is illusion to elaborate subject vividly.