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Fees: 2000 Rs per seating of 1 to 2 hours

Guidence Dynamic Personality For Business

1) Understanding yourself & business?
2) Law of attraction to earn money
3) Presentation, what to speak and what not.
4) Daring is the base of enterpriser sheep.
5) Understanding strength of small business
6) Does women in your family are against you?
7) Middle class thinking about money.. we fear to earn
8) From where did money comes from.
9) Money problem is not because you have less money, wrong finance management.
10) Understanding people by their body language ( how to walk, shake hand etc)
11) Goal setting and achieving it..
12) Plan life for yourself, your family and after your death
13) Lets built a nation by creating ethical Business to generate employment
14) Central and state government schemes.
15) Use social networking to develop business
16) Importance of Website and e-commerce to earn money.
Dynamic Thinkers. Initiative keeps running in your blood. You are self-assured, vigorous and resolved to achieve your objectives and in the event that it is dependent upon you, there won't be any shilly-shallying. You are similarly essential in your work proficiency and viability. Key arranging, long haul contemplations, innovative critical thinking, and completely correct case examinations are some of your most grounded focuses.

The citation "I came, I saw and was triumphant" (Caesar) could likewise be composed on your banner. You fathom even extremely complex circumstances rapidly and totally, and promptly issue far reaching guidelines on how they should be managed. The outgoing piece of your identity gives you great correspondence abilities in addition to a specific appeal, making it simple for you to draw in other individuals in your goals. With all that, your dreams are not restricted to the current and the contemporary, but rather regularly stretch out far into what's to come. For your expert fulfillment you require these targets like you require air for relaxing. You particularly appreciate scholarly difficulties and couldn't care less for triumphs too effortlessly accomplished. Since you have a place with the outgoing Thinker composes, working in a lone domain isn't for you.

Keeping in mind the end goal to be cheerful, you should be in the organization of individuals, with new energy and errands in addition to a little activity. In spite of the fact that this oftentimes accommodates an incredible yield the human (very human) needs of your associates could without much of a stretch wind up being overlooked. As a natural Thinker write, you are constantly centered around the goal of your assignment and the welfare of the organization, individually. You rapidly have the quantity of the individuals who are not trained and execution arranged and arranged to work similarly hard on the undertaking.