Workshop on Career Guidance

1) What is the meaning of career..
2) How many times we change our career in life.. a true perspective…
3) What is important in life.. money? Job satisfaction? Job security? Appreciation?
4) Which career options are available than engineering and medical profession?
5) How to understand which career is suitable?
6) Which mistakes to avoid to select a career?
7) Which career options are available if you achieve less marks?
8) Which careers are available even after you fail in 10th or 12th Board Exam?
9) How to put legal Dr. sign in front of your name even if you get less scoring?
10) Change middleclass thinking and grow rich…
11) Be a businessman Political leader, spiritual leader, join film industry, astronaut,singer.
12) Opportunities in IT field, make applications, e-commerce website.
13) Earn money from Google, You tube, blogs?
14) A try to become a good human being.
Profession arranging is a continuous procedure that can enable you to deal with your learning and improvement. 

You can utilize the four stage arranging process whether you are: 

still at school; 

a school leaver; 

a grown-up including aptitudes; or 

a grown-up changing your activity or profession. 

Vocation arranging is the nonstop procedure of: 

contemplating your interests, qualities, aptitudes and inclinations; 

investigating the life, work and learning choices accessible to you; 

guaranteeing that your work fits with your own conditions; and 

ceaselessly adjusting your work and learning intends to enable you to deal with the adjustments throughout your life and the universe of work. 

You can return to and make utilization of this procedure completely through your vocation. 

Begin at the progression that is most important for you now. 

The profession arranging process has four stages: 

Stage 1: knowing yourself 

Stage 2: discovering 

Stage 3: deciding 

Stage 4: making a move 

Stage 1: knowing yourself 

Start by pondering where you are presently, where you need to be and how you will arrive. 

When you have contemplated where you are at now and where you need to be, you can take a shot at becoming more acquainted with your aptitudes, interests and qualities. 

Start by putting forth the accompanying inquiries: 

Where am I at now? 

Where would I like to be? 

What do I need out of work or profession? 

What do I get a kick out of the chance to do? 

What are my qualities? 

What is essential to me? 

Toward the finish of this progression you will have a clearer thought of your work or learning objective and your individual inclinations. You can utilize this data about yourself as your own 'list of things to get' against which you can look at all the data you accumulate in Step 2: discovering. Your own inclinations are exceptionally valuable for helping you pick your best alternative right now, which you can do in Step 3: deciding. 

Stage 2: discovering 

This progression is tied in with investigating the occupations and learning regions that premium you. When you have some thought of your word related inclinations you can investigate the particular aptitudes and capabilities required for those occupations. 

Investigate occupations that premium you and ask yourself how do my aptitudes and premiums coordinate with these occupations? 

Where are the holes? 

What choices do I need to pick up these abilities or meet all requirements for these occupations? 

What abilities do I require? 

Where is the work? 

Toward the finish of this progression you will have a rundown of favored occupations as well as learning alternatives. 

Stage 3: deciding 

This progression includes contrasting your choices, narrowing down your decisions and considering what suits you best as of right now. 

Ask yourself: 

What are my best work/preparing choices? 

How would they coordinate with my abilities, interests and qualities? 

How would they fit with the present work advertise? 

How would they fit with my present circumstance and duties? 

What are the points of interest and weaknesses of every choice? 

What will help and what will ruin me? 

What would i be able to do about it? 

Toward the finish of this progression you will have limited your choices and have a greater amount of a thought of what you have to do beside enable you to accomplish your objectives. 

Stage 4: making a move 

Here you design the means you have to take to put your arrangement energetically. 

Utilize all you have learnt about your aptitudes, premiums and values together with the data you have accumulated about the universe of work to make your arrangement. 

Start by asking yourself: 

What activities/steps will enable me to accomplish my work, preparing and vocation objectives? 

Where would i be able to get help? 

Who will bolster me? 

Toward the finish of this progression you will have: 

an arrangement to enable you to investigate your alternatives further (eg work understanding, work shadowing or more research); or 

an arrangement which sets out the means to enable you to accomplish your next learning or work objective. 

Choose which step is pertinent for you at this moment and begin from that point.