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I found Dr.Joshi's mediation techniques very simple but very powerful. His teaching methods are also very effective. Everyone must learn and understand power of meditation, I feel every day very energetic.

Pooja Pooja

I was suffering from body pain, but after the powerful healing sessions by Dr. Joshi, my life became very normal. I recommend everyone, who has body pain, must take healing from Dr. Joshi for definite cure.

 Keerti Keerti

I was facing lot of emotional problems, but since I learned meaning of positive thinking in life from Dr. Joshi, I started to live happily. I was shattered at personal level but now I am very optimistic about my life.


Hi, friends when my sister was ill I was unable to manage my emotional stress, but after very powerful counseling and healing by Dr. Joshi. I survived within very short time. Thanks to Dr. Joshi for his powerful healing.


I am a councilor, but still I was dazzled with my career goals. When I learned healing from Dr. Joshi, I realize my strengths and weaknesses. I redesigned my life goals. I rediscover myself, that feeling is amazing.


I was passionate about knowledge. I have strong spiritual base, still I was searching for a Prudent Teacher who can answer my questions with the base of logical science.I meet Dr. Joshi and got all answers.


It was fun to learn Reiki at Dr. Joshi's class. We were four girls in a special batch, where we learned Grand Master Level Reiki. His knowledge about cosmic powers is amazing. He is very powerful man.

Sanjay Sanjay

By profession I am Jyotish-acharya I was searching a powerful guru to enhance my practice. I found a real Guru within Dr. Joshi. I simply wonder this kind of knowledgeable person exists in this modern world..


Now I am in U.S.A. for special training, before flying to U.S. I took healings from Dr. Joshi,which helped me to develop my confidence. He improved my body language & voice modulation. Now I am enjoying my life.


I am Tarot Card Expert. I was looking for Reiki training and its positive impact on my Tarot Card Reading, to enhance my powers. I found Dr. Joshi’s cosmic healing power is beyond words..one can have only ‘Anubhuti’ of it.


I never meet Dr.Joshi. His phone no was given by one of my relative. Whenever I need distance healing I call up Joshi uncle. He relieves distant Reiki, and its miracle I used to get relief , after his distance healing.

Preeti Preeti

I was the best at corporate level but found in grief on personal level. I was crying and crying, not knowing why am I crying..Dr. Joshi guided me in such a way that I found my confidence, I rediscover myself as a person.


I am a business woman; my business was running very good, Suddenly something started going wrong. I was confused, so lost piece of mind. Dr. Joshi taught me how to solve problems by keeping mind calm .


I stay at London with my Gradma. I am thankful to Dr. Joshi who has helped my sister to younger sister to develop her personality. Now she is very confident to face any problem in her life. His healings are miraculous


I am gym instructor. I was facing bad patch in my life due to my siblings. I thought things may not go right for me. But after healing and councelling by Dr. Joshi, I found my right track. He made me realise to live happy life.

Jyoti Jyoti

I am a beautician.I won a beauty parlor.I wonder why clients didn’t pay me good, where my competitors were able to get good money for same type of services, from same clients.At Dr. Joshi, I healed my business.


I was suffering from sleep and mind concentration problem. I learned self hypnotism from Dr. Joshi which made my mind very sharp. Now I enjoy sound sleep without any medicines. Now I am feeling good.


Due to technological change my diamond manufacturing business was sinking. At that point Dr. Joshi taught me better earning options as a Healer. I recover all my financial losses through healing profession.


When I was in Dubai, my family guru suggested me to meet Dr. Joshi once I reach India. I meet Dr. Joshi. I found him spiritually at very high level. His aura is very powerful.He is blessed by Cosmic powers.


My wife and my home were haunted by ghost. I was suffering from curse, so was financially unstable. I lost many jobs. Dr. Joshi healed my home, wife, and job also. Now my life is stable. My daughter is also progressing.


My niece was suffering from Cancer. My entire family was suffering glum. I asked Dr. Joshi to give Reiki to my entire home. So that Reiki should create some positive vibrations in my home. I found his Reiki very powerful.


My business creates lot of mental stress, since I met lot of people at a time. I have to handle objections of clients directly. There was lot of stress. So I learned Self Hypnotism from Dr. Joshi. Now things are better.


I was suffering from knee pains. Doctor advised me to knee replacement. But after healings by Dr. Joshi, I not only feeling better but there is no requirement of knee replacement. I am thankful to Dr. Joshi.


I lost my Mom, and then I was getting hallucinations. Many phobias took control of my mind, like group of people, speed, bridge etc. My life was miserable. Dr. Joshi is very powerful healer. He made normal, everything.


Our fourth standard son is very hyper active. We were unable to understand him. We were very worried about our son.Dr. Joshi has made us understand our son. His treatment style is very unique.


I am “Sansrut” scholar, gold medalist! Some antisocial people were harassing me from a longer time. So I learned Hypnotism to control them. I found my confidence at high level and able to solve every problem.


My son is in second standard. He laughs at himself, he talks at himself. He makes unbelievable drawings. We were worried about him. After Dr. Joshi’s healings, son is better & we have understood our son. Great


I was zero before meeting Dr. Joshi. I did not found any way to move ahead. But after doing Hypnotism course I not only run business successfully but also I have purchased own office, four wheeler and a small flat.


I was having acute back pain and my son was unable to perform well in his twelfth exam. I feel under depression. Dr. Joshis healing and aura made my life good. Now I feel no pain in body.Perfect and Ok Thanks.


My son and daughter both were having mind concentration problem. So they were unable to perform well in their academics. We did some meditational classes at Dr. Joshi, improved my children dramatically.


I love to read philosophy and love to collect information about cosmic energies from childhood.I was in search of Guru.I got perfect philosophical and practical Guru. Dr.Joshi is powerful than any one .


I made many spiritual guru, I meet many baba bhagats but got no knowledge. Sometimes they looted me also. Still I was thirsty about perfect knowledge about black magic, chhayapurush. Dr. Joshi is amazing guru.


My son dictated Cancer and my family feel shattered. He got many complications. Dr. Joshi’s Reiki healing is a miracle. It has given us new energy to fight with cancer. My son responded good in chemotherapy.


My life was disturbed after my divorce. I turn very negative. I tried to finish myself. I was ditched by my own parents and siblings. I found no good reason to live life, but Dr. Joshi’s healing power gave me new life.


One of my nieces is suffering from genes disorder. Doctor declared him as no longer he will survive. His mom was under depression, because she was carrying another child. Thanks to Dr. Joshi for healing entire family.

Mr.and Mrs. Ahuja

We both love to do meditation. We are having very large business house. So there is always a stress, we found meditational practices given by Dr. Joshi are immensely powerful. His aura and speech is great.


I am from Mumbai. My twin children and I was suffering from mind concentration problem. I used to travel more than one thousand kilometer distance per day to take healings from Dr. Joshi. His healings are powerful.


I am advocate by profession; I never meet personally to Dr. Joshi. But I found his guidance on every step of my stressful life. Whenever I listen his commanding voice my mind feel cozy. His blessings are always with me.

Acharya Gandhi

I am from Canada, a practicing Astrologer. I met ‘Guruji’ before few years. I used to discuss with ‘Guruji’ from Canada on spiritual subjects. I found real Guru in his presence. There is some past life connections, I feel.


I am Builder by profession. One of my big project is under arbitration due to mistakes of collector, for which I was fighting for years. I called up Dr. Joshi to give Reiki to my project. He is gem of a person.


I was confused about my life. I lost many friends. My life was miserable. Then I met Dr. Joshi, I took his regular healings. Now I do not found words to thank him. He has changed my life. Thank you Sir.,Thanks a lot


Due to stressful business I was unable to perform at my best. I learned Reiki, Hypnotism, Chhayapurush, KarnPishachani and much more from Dr. Joshi. now I feel powerful and above all. Thanks to him.