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Paper n Pen Magic

What is Paper n Pen Magic?

Paper and pen magic is a French technique works under law of attraction. With strong will power one has to perform some rituals by using Pen as well as Paper then magic starts. Again this is not for normal people.
Misfortune Lock 

This is a quite bland misfortune spell to put on somebody when you don't have anything specifically as a main priority. All you'll require is: 

A strong lock (keyed, not mix) A sheet of paper Something sharp like a pointed screwdriver Dark paint 

Compose a man's name on a bit of paper and crease it over once. Penetrate the paper through the middle to make an opening. Try not to utilize an opening punch, it must be punctured with something pointed. Put the hasp of the bolt through the opening and bolt the bolt. 

Brush a glob of dark paint over the keyhole and on either side of the bolt. Hold the bolt by the hasp until the point when it dries, 

Presently cover the secure some place your yard, cover the key as near your objective's home as could reasonably be expected. In the event that you don't know where they live, cover it your own particular yard, yet not close to the bolt 

In the Dark of Night 

This is a genuine dark enchantment spell particularly to convey bad dreams to someone else. You should cast this spell after 12 pm however before day break, and know that it will make a touch of smoke. Have a window helpful. You require: 

A dark flame Mugwort Monster's blood tar Charcoal tablet Warmth confirmation dish Expansive bit of white paper or material Dark ink (a marker will do) 

On the paper or material, drawn 3 concentric circles and a x in the inside. Set up the dish and charcoal on the x, and the flame outside the circles. Light the charcoal and make them seethe, put a squeeze or two of mugwort on it alongside a piece of tar. When they are both smoking, light the flame. 

Watch the smoke ascending from the dish and imagine it coasting through space to your planned target. It brings bad dreams and dread into their rest, and picture that scene for a few minutes and concentrate on the individual. 

Following a couple of minutes, put out the charcoal and switch the dish and flame so the light is on the x. Abandon it until the point that it completely burns to the ground. Your casualty will have awful dreams beginning the following night and it will keep going for 3 days. 

Sweet Apple Enchantment Spell 

Don't all great dark enchantment spells incorporate a bolt of hair? All things considered, that is on the grounds that it's an intense method to interface someone else to your spell. Your provisions for this custom: 

1 apple, ideally a red one Nectar A couple of strands of your hair A couple of strands of your expected sweetheart's hair Length of red lace or yarn 

Cut the apple sideways over the center, so you can see the star shaped by the seeds. Spread nectar on either 50% of the apple. Take the strands of hair, and wind or twist them together. 

Put the hairs between the two parts, and tie the apple back together with the lace. Tie it firmly. Cover the apple either outside, or in an extensive window box (outside is ideal). You'll locate your coveted sweetheart begin to demonstrate a solid enthusiasm for you very quickly. 

Your Heart by Mine Bath Spell 

Turn somebody's heart towards you while you totally submerge yourself in this dark enchantment cherish spell. You'll just need a couple of things: 

2 pink candles 2 white candles Bit of paper Red marker Jasmine or Ylang oil 

Before you start, run yourself a hot shower. At the 4 corners of the tub, light the candles. 

At that point on the bit of paper, draw an extensive heart in marker and put your name and your expected darling's name in the inside. Draw a bigger heart around the first (after the names are composed in). 

Rub a drop of oil into each edge of the paper, at that point overlap into quarters. Grasp the collapsed paper and rehash the two names boisterously a few times. Try not to unfurl the paper, and attack little pieces. Drop the pieces into the shower water. 

Presently you get in the tub. Blend the water around to help break down the paper, and rub the pieces on your body while you douse. Remain in the tub until the point when the paper is totally separated in the water. 

Consolidating Photo Spell 

On the off chance that you need your potential sweetheart to be stuck on you, this is the best of the dark enchantment cherish spells. The photographs you utilize shouldn't have any other individual in them with the exception of you and him/her. Supplies for this spell: 

Photograph of you Photograph of the one you want Red light Pen or marker 

On the back of the photo of him/her, state "I adore you" and on the back of your photograph, think of "You cherish me". Light the flame and take a gander at both photographs, imagining you two together, in actuality. Trickle flame wax on the front sides of both photographs and rapidly stick them together. Rehash the accompanying: 

Together as one Under moon and sun 

Slip the match of photographs under your pad, and lay down with them there until the point when your cherished one is yours. 

Outrage Boils Bubbling water will enable you to bridle your enthusiastic vitality into a powerful little revile engage. Cooking pot About some water A couple of tablespoons of crude shake salt A dead bloom (any sort) A little container or vial with a stoppered cover 

Get the water bubbling on the stove, and hurl in the salt (spare no less than one piece for some other time). Rehash the accompanying: 

Warmth and power This dead bloom By this revile, I exacerbate it Drop in the bloom. Rehash the words, this time saying your casualty's name three times toward the end. Rehash. Watch the water bubble and feel your own outrage rising within you. Coordinate that vitality into your spell, and after that leave the pot to bubble for a couple of more minutes. Try not to give it a chance to bubble dry! Take the pot off the warmth, and empty the boiling water into your jug. Give it a chance to chill off and drop in another piece of salt. Seal up the container. Rehash the spell words, including the name of your Keep the container some place safe until the point that the revile has worked its magick. 

A Belladonna Bottle 

Home grown magick can be a decent wellspring of revile spells, however discovering some belladonna may not be that basic since it is toxic. Furthermore, indeed, this is another jug spell. I'm simply on a roll that way at the present time. 

Dried belladonna A dark light Metal filings or chips of rust A little container A solitary sewing needle 

Light the dark light and watch the fire for a couple of minutes while the wax begins to dissolve. Concentrate your musings on your objective and why you need to put this revile spell on them. 

Put a few bits of rust or metal in the base of the container alongside the belladonna, and after that drop in the sewing needle. 

At the point when the wax has begun liquefying get the light and trickle some into the jug. Attempt to fill it no less than a third full (utilize a little jug to keep it basic). It should cover over every one of the substance to keep it set up, however the sewing needle can at present stand out of the wax. Say the words, "Harm you" five times and put the top on the container. Cover the appeal in your yard and it should begin to work in a couple of days. 

A Covet Candle 

Do you know somebody who has something you need? This is a spell intended to influence them to lose it and have it come to you. It's not an adoration spell to "take" a man however, this is for objects as it were. 

What's more, it may not work in a strict sense. In the event that you need their TV, they can lose theirs through harm or burglary and after that you end up with additional cash to purchase your own. You don't generally get their thing precisely. You get the thought. It relies upon the circumstance. 

Your provisions for this spell include: A dim green flame Hot red pepper drops Two pictures of the question you need A flame resistant dish 

You can utilize photographs from daily papers or magazine, or make an illustration yourself. It doesn't need to be a correct photograph of the genuine protest. Only a portrayal. 

Set up the two pictures together, eye to eye, with a sprinkling of red pepper pieces between them. Overlap the pages fifty-fifty, and after that down the middle once more. Ensure the drops remain inside the paper. Rehash the accompanying: 

I desire and look for, To take from the quiet. Convey this to me,I wish it to be. 

Picture the individual you wish to take the protest from, and light the paper package ablaze in the dish. Before it wears out totally, utilize the blazes to light the flame. Rehash the words, concentrating on the question and the individual who has Leave the light to wear out without anyone else. You should time this spell with the goal that some piece of it is as yet going at midnight, regardless of whether its simply the light consuming. 

Infection Descends 

This is a spell to bring sickness down on somebody. You can utilize this sort of dim enchantment spell as a type of retribution, or to get somebody off the beaten path while going after something in your life (sentiment, a vocation, a real rivalry). 

A spoiled egg A photograph or drawing of the individual Wood powder A rusted stick or nail 

Chances of having a spoiled egg simply lounging around are quite thin, so you should anticipate doing this spell ahead of time. Leave an entire (uncracked) crude egg out in the sun for a few days until is begins to notice somewhat ready. It can take a week or much more. 

When you are prepared to do this spell (strive for a Saturday), recollect that it will notice terrible and you won't not need other individuals home when you do it.

 Set out the photograph on a table, on a plate or plate. Cut the egg with the rusted stick and air out it over the photograph. Give the gunk a chance to conceal the photo as you consider that individual becoming ill. Sprinkle wood slag over the spoiled egg. Let everything sit for a couple of minutes. Once more, focus on your expectations as you appreciate the smell. 

At that point take the plate outside, and cover the entire disturb the photograph confronting downwards. Your objective will be sick inside seven days. 

On the off chance that you need a more grounded dim enchantment spell, there is a page of revile spells and requital spells that may be more similar to what you're after. 

Reflect and Revenge 

Mirrors are capable for returning vitality back to somebody, and are ideal for exact retribution spells this way. You'll require a couple of provisions: 

A little mirror Dark indelible marker Long bit of dark lace Entire cove leaf Consumed wood fiery remains 

On the off chance that you can, cast this spell on a Saturday night. In the first place compose the individual's name on the substance of the mirror is enormous letters, at that point set the cove leaf over the name. Wrap the mirror and leaf in lace a couple of times, at that point include a liberal squeeze of cinder over the leaf. Wrap a couple of more circumstances and after that tie with a

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