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How to Awaken Kundalini Power?

Before understanding how to awaken kundalini power one has to understand what is kundalini power? kundalini power is inbuilt software within every living creature. Only thing is, other than humans it is activated in every specie. This is life saving force. This force keep our body, mind and soul tuned with cosmic energy and the energy of Parmpita (the supremo) so other than humans no specie is having professional called Doctor. The reason is Kundalini makes their body so tuned with nature that they rarely fall ill. 

Kundalini force is inbuilt power to give us physical as well as mental health.

What is chakra?

Chakra (means "wheel" literally) are such human body centres from where body energy is balanced. Human body is having many chakras or wheels like any complicated machine, for example mechanical watch- gears.These gears must have a synchronisation. if any wheel stops working totally or any wheel suddenly starts to move in opposition with other wheels...we call the machine needs repairing.

Here machine is our body, mechanic is doctor.

Even if wheels are moving in right directions but it has lost lubricant then it will create unnecessary noise. Still we send watch for repairs. Here machine noise is mental stability. When we feel noise inside we go to temple, church mosque or any other place where we may get peace of mind.

Indian believe there are Seven chakras. Chinese believe there are eleven chakras. Egyptians and Japanese believe in 22 chakras. Mayans believe in 88,000 chakras.

Where are those chakras located?

The answer is chakras are no where, but still they are at certain locations of the body. Let me explain it further, if you have seen world map you can see longitude altitude lines. Can any one show longitude altitude lines physically on the earth...Then what are they? The earth is sphere in shape then how one can say, Eastern countries, Western countries, middle east countries? 

Another example explains it further...In fifth standard we have learnt Algebra. We faced a question, if five workers do a particular work in 20 how many workers do you need to finish this work within 5 hours? Then we have taught by our teacher to consider "X" and put formula, then after solving it we get value of X. 

Kundalini Chakras are nothing but the X factors about our existence.

Why it is needed to awakened? 

Let me give still very interesting example. A rich but illiterate person buys very expensive Samsung or Apple smart phone, and uses it only for receiving and making calls. Company has spent many working hours and invested lot of money to make a great device, but ignored buyer does not have knowledge what can he do with the device.

Here our physical body, mental strength is like Smart phone. 'Buyer' is our 'thinking process'. Understanding pre-loaded wonderful software by nature and operating it with command is nothing but understanding and awakening Kundalini. If not awakened we can not understand our self, the creator and his Universe. 

What happens when Chakras get activated?  

First and very important effect is, we get peace of mind.So our mental health is improved. Then our body gets tuned with nature which is known as Physical health. Third effect is our life span increases dramatically. Fourth effect is due to purity of soul our 'aura' increases and so every person who comes within two three feet circle, known as personal zone, they get healed.

Aura means the magnetic field around our mind and body. That's the reason, we feel good after visiting any spiritual guru.
 What is the relation between chakras and our body organs?    

Lets study only seven chakras, from the top. Seventh chakra is actually effect of awakening of six chakras, known as Sahastrar Chakra.(Sahastra means thousands) Here we feel actually very big lotus with thousands of petals wide open.This is actually related with our soul and thinking procedure.
Sixth chakra is in between two eye brows, known as Third eye. This has relation in between our brain as well as our four senses, located at our face.i.e. tongue, ears, eyes, nose. this chakra is also related with the understanding of the world,i.e. knowledge.
Throat chakra is related with our external or social personality, i.e. voice. Because voice is our 90 % part of social personality. Vocal cord and related glands are controlled by this chakra. This chakra is not on the neck. It is not on the throat, it is exactly located downside the neck, where we get "v" type shape.

Then next chakra is near to the heart,known as anahat chakra, which controls lungs, heart and glands in this part of body. Then manipoor chakra is upside of belly. this controls our pancreas and related glands. Second chakra is sacral or swadhisthan chakra, controls kidney and all body cleaning glands.
this is located down side of the belly, approximately 4 inches under the belly. Then the First chakra is mooladhaar chakra, it is not located on the penis or vagina.

To find out its exact location, sit in front of small mirror. A mirror which you can hold in between your legs. Be naked and now you can see a double folded line starting from the end of private part till anus. The mooladhar chakra is on the middle of this line.

Theoretically all chakras are on the back bone, but still to activate chakras we are going to use some another method.

What is the procedure to activate these chakras?

Sleep on the back. Concentrate on your nose tip watch inhale-exhale. Be calm and quiet. Now activate Reiki in your palms.Then keep middle finger of your right hand on seventh chakra,i.e. Sahastrar chakra and start fingering slowly in clockwise direction. Do it for 3 minutes. Then after 3 minutes choose another chakra and so on. It will complete 21 minutes time. Then repeat the procedure from down to up side. Then go to deep trance position. concentrate on every point one by one. Then after 60 minutes approximately you will start to see different colours. Enjoy the colours.

What are the colours? I didn't see any colour? Is it something wrong with me?

Colour is the expression of energy. When some energy form starts to flow an electricity current it starts flowing trough blood. Since eyelids are very sensitive there is a reflection of this small change. Hence we feel change in colour, in front of closed eyes. But this small change is catch with calm mind.

If any ones mind is disturbed then colours can not be seen.

But still don't worry watching colours is not the ultimate criteria of Kundalini Awakening. One has to experience peace of mind. That is the ultimate criteria.There is nothing wrong with you if you can't see colours.

For example if I started TV and some program is going on and suppose suddenly I went up out side, still the TV is on. It is working only thing is that "I" am not watching it. So it may happen your Kundalini is awakened but your mind is not present there.

To experience ultimate colours one has to do meditation for 30 minutes before Kundalini experiment.
A person who has spiritual base can achieve it very fast.

Some orthodox people have objection on this fingering method, Why?  

Yes, orthodox people do believe that the only way to do 'anything' is there own way, other researches are fake. That's the reason they are called as Orthodox. Let me explain it further. If you purchase a new car and you are travelling with your family and got stuck up in jungle at 9 pm. There is no one on the road. You call up at help line and you are told that company can not do any thing now. Tomorrow at 11 am our engineer will come to your location he will toe your car and it will be repaired at our company workshop only." Then you call a mechanic. He told you to push car with full force and suddenly put on first gear. It may harm your gear system a little but now you can reach your home  safely.

Here company call is orthodox people. Mechanic is the technique developed by us. Family is your present life. Gear system is your entire span of life.

Orthodox way may give kundalini awakening experience after 21 to 22 years of time. Here we are into 4G era we want to take little risk and enjoy rest of the life.

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