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Kuber Tratak Money Meditation

What is Money Meditation or Kuber Tratak?

Kuber tratak is a religious activity, but not strictly for Hindus only. This can be performed by other than Hindus also. He or she will get the same results as any Hindu will get. Kuberji is a trustee and protector of Laxmijis wealth.

Lakshmiji is goddess of wealth.

But Laxmi mata is believed as moody, 'chanchal', where Kuberji is steady 'sthir'. Kuberji is a Yaksh, not a form of God.

According to Hindu mythology, there are different worlds.

The world in which we live is known as Martya lok (where every living or non living things has to die), then there is Pishachh yoni. It is believed that our soul is immortal. But if we perform ill activities that is sin in life our soul has to go through some pains. Now it can not escape but gets trapped in Pishacch yoni, i.e. Ghosts  (destination of bad soul ) then there are Yaksh yoni. 

Yakshas are punished or cursed God. Or servants of Heaven, Yakshas consist of Apsars, angels, who are supportive staff of heaven. Then above all there is Dev lok,Rulers and administrates of Heaven  in which Gods dwells. Under the ground it is known as Patal lok. Where Naag (serpents) gods dwells. Some other world is also believed as under the water, where mermaids stay with their father .

It is not actually worship of Kuber but its gazing on the Idol of Kuber, with particular mantra jaap (chanting sacred words) should be given by Guru.

Kuber tratak gives not only money but it gives 'stability to' wealth. It's very effective for those families where earning Money is not a problem but to saving, is a problem.

Its 100% effective tratak, at least experience it for once in a life time.

See the power of Kuberji, the reader, who is reading this article, is able to earn money. You are earning money but always have scarcity of money. Your financial budget is always minus. And is unable to understand where the money is draining out. It is again truth that you are far away from your native place, might be overseas. You are very talented but could not understood what exactly is happening with your heard earned money...

Let me share a secret with you... money is not in banks, its not in a market. Money comes from the universe. Apart from Corporate sector and Industrialist money is with people who are doing religious work. Money is there in Temples, money is there in Churches, money is there in Mosques, money is there in Gurudwaras. I am not negative about it. Common man say that people who work in religion sector are robbing money from society. I strongly deny this. No religious person or personality trespasses into any one's house with gun or sword and ask for money.

Common man visits sacred places, getting work done. So after fulfilling their desire common man make some charity out of it. The point I want to make is any person, with whatever belief, works for religion or his Faith money gets attracted towards him. Because it comes from Universe.

The idea behind Kuber Tratak is Lakshmi ma is busy with so many followers that when she will bestow her blessings on you is a huge question. Where Kuberji's darabaar is not crowded. so be present here, and enjoy abundant wealth.

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