1. What is an Astral Projection?

Astral Projection, Samael Aun Weor, Dreams, Girl Samael Aun Weor: Do you really not know what an Astral Projection is? Young lady, I understand very well that your question is sincere. Listen: Astral Projection is an extremely simple and easy natural phenomenon like eating and drinking, etc. It is clear that when the physical body becomes slumbered, the soul then leaves it and travels everywhere. When returning, when re-entering into its body again, the soul then often remembers the places where it was, the people with whom it spoke, etc.; usually people describe this phenomenon as dreams, yet indeed this is an astral projection.

2. Can this phenomenon be performed only in dreams or can it also be done by will?

Samael Aun Weor: In either case, the slumber state is necessary in order for one to be able to astral project, even by will. Astral Projection, Samael Aun Weor, Body, Soul

3. Is Astral Projection dangerous?

Samael Aun Weor: It seems to me that to become cognizant of one’s own natural phenomena can never be dangerous; one must become cognizant of the food that one eats, of what one drinks, of the state in which one’s health is and also of the process of astral projection that occurs in any living creature.

4. Please explain to me the technique to astral project. I would like to go to Paris by will.

Samael Aun Weor: What you always perform in an involuntary and unconscious manner, learn to do it in a voluntary and conscious manner. You have always astral projected yourself, since all souls leave the body -unfortunately in an unconscious manner- at the moment when one is dozing; so, perform the same thing, but in a voluntary and conscious manner. I repeat: when you began to feel that state of lassitude related to slumber, when you begin to doze, then imagine yourself to be like a subtle and vaporous ghost; think that you are going to leave your body; understand that you are not the body; understand that you are a soul; thus, feel yourself as being soul and then with smoothness and delicacy -as the souls rise- get up from your bed. What I am explaining to you must be performed in a concrete manner; this is not to a matter of thinking, but of actions! Then as soon you get up, perform a small jump within your bedroom with the firm intention of floating in the environment; thus, it is clear that if you float, it is because you are already outside your physical body; then you can leave your bedroom and float in the atmosphere; then you can go to Paris, London, or wherever pleases you. However, if you do not float it is because you just got up from your bed with your physical body; if this happens, then go back again to your bed and repeat the experiment.

5. When floating, does the physical body remain in the bed?

Astral Projection, Samael Aun Weor, Dreams Samael Aun Weor: I want you to understand me; listen, it is clear that if you float in the surrounding environment it is because you are outside of your physical body; in this concrete case you must understand that your body has been left in bed and that you as soul are outside the body and far from the bed.

6. When one floats one must think that one travels to a certain place?

Samael Aun Weor: I want you to understand that this is not a matter of thinking, but of doing, which is different. For example, I see you seated on that chair; thus, if you think that you are going to get up from that chair and go to the street, however, you do not act, it is clear that you will remain seated there on that chair; so, action is what is needed: do you understand me?

7. This is what I like about Gnosis: here, everything that I do not understand is clearly explained to me.

Samael Aun Weor: Of course; we like exactness, precision in everything. 8. Can you narrate for us a concrete case of astral projection by will?

Samael Aun Weor: With great pleasure, distinguished young lady, I will narrate for you a personal case. I want to narrate for you my first astral projection. I was still very young when I resolved to astral project myself by will. I clearly remember that I put much attention to my slumber process, thus, when I felt myself dozing in that state of transition that exists between vigil and dream, I acted intelligently. Astral Projection, Astral Travel, Outside Body, Soul
I did not situate myself to think that I was going to be astral projected, because it is obvious that if I had been thinking about it I would not have performed the longed-for experiment. I repeat: I acted; I got up with great smoothness from my own bed, and when doing so a very natural separation between the soul and the body took place; the soul remained outside and the body remained sleeping in the bed.
I went out of my house in a spontaneous and clear manner and then walked down a solitary street. I stopped on the next corner of the street; for few moments I reflected about where I should go; then I resolved to go to Europe.
It is obvious that I had to soar over the waters of the Atlantic Ocean; thus, floating wonderfully in the luminous space, I was filled with a happiness that is inconceivable for human beings, and finally I arrived at the city of Paris.
Thus, walking -or better said, floating in that luminous atmosphere- I instinctively felt the necessity of entering into a house. I do not regret have entered into that house due to the peculiar case that within that mansion I encountered an initiate I had known in old reincarnations.
He was also outside his body; certainly I evidenced that his body was sleeping in the bed, and next to him I saw a woman and two children who also slept with him; I understood that these were his wife and children.
I affectionately greeted my friend and the soul of his wife, who was also outside her body; it is not irrelevant to also state that as the children were also sleeping, their souls were outside their bodies.
Astral Projection, Samael Aun Weor, Angel, Light Those infantile souls began to be scared by my unusual presence; I then understood the necessity to withdraw in order to avoid the return of such frightened souls to their respective bodies; it is unquestionable that if this had happened, the children would have cried in bed and the weeping would have woken my friend and his wife; then the dialogue would have been suspended, since the soul of my friend as well as his wife would had been forced to penetrate in their respective bodies of bone and flesh.

Indeed, I understood all of this in thousandths of a second; thus, in order to avoid this problem, I proposed that my friend leave the house and go with me around the streets of Paris; my joy was great when he accepted.
Thus, together we went through the streets of that great city; I even advised him to return to the path, to enter the path of the Light; I also proposed that we visit a wonderful temple that exists in Germany, but regrettably, my friend declined the invitation stating that he could not because he had concentrated his attention on the problems of practical life, since he had a spouse and children, etc. I then said farewell to that Initiate and -soaring in the atmosphere- I passed over great walls and then soared over a highway, by a serpentine way full of curves, until I arrived at a wonderful temple.
In front of that sanctuary I saw many souls of different nationalities, people who during the hours of their sleep escaped from their dense body in order to arrive there.
So, all those people united in different groups were conversing amongst themselves; they spoke of the cosmos, of the laws, of reincarnations and Karma, the mysteries of life and death, etc.
I looked for a friend who was skillful in astral projection but I did not find him.
Astral Projection, Hanging Gardes of Babylon I then approached the threshold of the temple and saw an exquisite garden with delicious flowers that exhaled an inebriating perfume; at its depth, the silhouette of a splendid temple illuminated by the splendors of the stars stood out; I wanted to enter, but the guardian took the floor and told me, “This it is the temple of wisdom; withdraw, it is not time yet” .
Thus, obeying his orders, I withdrew to certain distance without moving too much away from the threshold. Then I examined myself; I observed my spiritual hands and feet and even had the luxury of comparing them with the hands and feet of my body of bones and flesh that I had left there in Latin America, the sacred land of the Aztecs, sleeping in the bed.
It is evident that the outcome of such comparisons originated the instantaneous return into my material physical vehicle that slept deeply, snoring in the bed; then I, astounded, woke up saying, “I was in the temple of the wisdom; what happiness, what joy”.
Even today, I cannot forget the immaculate white light that was shining in that sanctuary; indeed, such a light did not seem to come from any physical lamp, since it projected itself from all parts and it did not make any type of shade.

9. Can one even travel to any place without knowing that place?

Samael Aun Weor: I went to such a divine temple and nevertheless, I did not know that place; I could say that a “superior telepathic sense” -or it is better to state to you, that my own Spirit guided me there. Astral Projection, Heaven, Soul

10. When one does the astral projection voluntarily can one upon waking remember where one went?

Samael Aun Weor: Is clear that if you do not remember, it is because you did not astral project by will; it seems impossible to me that a person who astral projects voluntarily -who leaves the body consciously, intentionally- will be unable to remember what he/she saw outside their body. For example, when you leave your house to go to the office and soon return from the office to your house, do you remember what you saw in the office, the work that you did, and the commands of your boss?

11. Yes, I remember everything that I did in the office when I return to my house.

Samael Aun Weor: So then this case is similar, young lady; remember that your physical body is a house of bones and flesh; thus, if you voluntarily leave that house you will then see many things, and if you voluntarily return, it is also obvious that you will remember everything that you saw and heard.