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Apsara Hathat yog

 Apsara Hathat Yog is not for everyone.

This subject is very mysterious.
This yog is very powerful to see Heaven before death.

Being a mysterious subject it is not allowed to make certain information open to general public..The reason behind it is there are sceptical people who does not try to understand the subject by vibrations or by soul. they try to understand the subject through their brain.

Where Hindu Shastrastra believe strongly that human brain can not understand certain cosmic level vibrations. To understand the whole concept of cosmic energies there are many ways to understand it. Only thinking brains can not understand it.

First one is Bhakti yog.  Means one has to pray any form of the god, till his soul can see the power of god. another one is Sadhana, in which a person has to concentrate on bunch of words i.e. mantras, aanapanasati or pranayam i.e. inhale- exhale or any part of the body or any other outside prop like flame, point or anything. third one is yog sadhana where a performer has to use his body and brain to get connected with the God. Forth  one is Hathat yog. hathat yog is not for simple people who bwlivw in to eat and stay like animals and die like animals.

Hathat yog is difficult to perform.. but the question is why to do these difficult things? the answer is simple. the Rewards... the rewards are so fantastic that no one can imagine about it.

Here we have to understand whether Apsara or God or demon really exists or not? well...well..well this is very controversial discussion. let us understand it in this way...this concept is for those people who believes in existence of another world.

If you believe, God is there, if you believe heaven and hell is there, then this information is for you. Apsaras are actually very beautiful female called Yakhshini. Yaksh means immortal servants of God and heaven. All humans belongs to mortal yoni (i.e. species) yet they can go up to the Moksh (ultimate destination for soul to stay for ever, to avoid rebirth and its pains) all kind of ghosts does not have physical body but they can go upto Moksh, or else they have to stay as ghost for many thousand years. Jinn or jinaat are angels. but not 100 % angels. they are 50% bad 50% good. they can not get Moksh. they have to stay in Jinn for for thousands of years.Gods are immortal enjoying every time. Yaksh yoni used to be cursed God, or a different yoni.

Apsaras are not form of God. So they are not worshipped on the earth. so we can not see their temples. Apsaras will always found outside of the temple, most probably in front of the door. in greeting "namaskar" pose, or holding water pot pouring water. one of the Apsara format was made popular by great Indian Marathi film maker, Chitrapati V. Shantaram. His studio Prabhat (means a bright morning) has apsara holding tutari. (a half rouded air blowing musical instrument) Apsaras have particular dress code. they do not wear nau war saree, they do not wear modern saree they do not wear salwar kamij dupatta. they only cover upper part of the body and lower part of the body. keeping belly and stomach part open. They wear very thin cloth through which almost body can be seen.

Their age is shown in between 18 to 22 years. they are phenomenal   gorgeous and their body is in perfect proportion. Where as Indian Goddeses are shown in between 40 to 50 years age old matured lady. All male gods are also in between 40 to 50 years old. except Bramha. Bramhaji is shown above 60 years old not wearing any gold or any kind of weapon.

Here apsaras wear gold they do not have fore or eight hands. They are beautiful beyond imagination. At the same time please understand they are not Prostitutes of heaven. They are not only holding physical beauty but they keep very high intellectual powers. they can sing, dance and keeps superior hand in every art.

Then the question arises for what reason one tries to get them? Apsara yog is to tour heaven without physical death. There are 62 type of Apsaras,(some believes 84 ) among which four or five are very popular. Just like kauravas in Mahabharat. Those were 100 brothers but we know only two thee.

One sadhak ask me very interesting question, if Apsaras visit on this earth and some very powerful male even can have sexual activity then is there a possibility of their pregnancy.. question was funny. but still question was there... i stop for a while and told him..

Did you see 3D cinema? he answered "yes" while watching 3D film do you feel an actress is coming out..? answer was "yes". if she kisses you will you feel the warmth? the answer was 'yes'. can you catch her physically? the answer was "no'. But still can you deny that no actress was shot or projector is not running... now the sadhak got total idea about existence of Apsaras..

I at we teach apsara hathat yog. For this sadhanaa we select sadhak. this sadhana is not for all.

The desire to practice Apsaara Sadhana arises in the mind of every Sadhak and why should it not be? Only a stone-hearted person will not get captivated with a glimpse of the unsurpassed divine beauty. Whatever is True in the universe, it is Shivamaya (Shiva-essence), and  whatever is Shivamaya, will always have an essence of divine beauty. Nymph is the zenith of beauty, the beauty which can trigger energy and life in anyone.  The deep eyes radiating waxing- waning of love and full half-open lips, even a touch of which can annihilate all problems of life. Rare will be a Sadhak who would not want to seek such divine company. The life is really lived in such divine moments, our obligations-responsibilities consume the rest of it.

The love for beauty vibrates in the heart of every Sadhak. Due to his inherent curiosity, a Sadhak needs to do a thorough investigation of beauty to rise higher in the spiritual practices. The Sadhaks are passionate about beauty and Nymph is the very embodiment of beauty. An instance of this zenith of beauty is the unimaginable beauty of Menaka Nymph, who interrupted the penance of Sage Vishwamitra.

When you become a Sadhak, you take a step towards merger with the nature, and beauty is scattered everywhere in the nature. This beauty lies in the crimson rising sun, vibrating colors of the blooming flowers,  flowing waves of the ocean water,  flickering of butterflies,  pride of peacocks, changing shapes of the clouds and the shapely banks of the rivers. All these variant beautiful elements merge together within the Nymph .

When the Nymph arrives upon invocation by the Sadhak, then She grants the boon of eternal youth  to the Sadhak through the excitement of Her sensual breathing dissolved within sweet perfume, sharp edges of Her eyes, sweet chimes of Her anklets and the warm beats of Her heart. All worries and tensions of life melt away in the soft moonlight of that Sharad Poornima night. The thirst of many births gets quenched.

After all, the main attraction of the heaven are the Nymphs. A person performs good deeds throughout his life to achieve this paradise, to earn a fortunate opportunity of a divine rendezvous with the divine nymphs. However the Mantras  have the powers to easily control the Nymphs.


The desire which pulls the humans to paradise,

The same pushes the Gods to the earth


Who is a Nymph?

It is a definite fact about the origin of Nymphs that  Rambha Nymph was the first one to be borne in the sea-churning. The divine pot of Nectar and Goddess Lakshmi manifested thereafter,  so the Nymphs are more significant than other gems. They were termed as Apsaras due to dominating factors of beauty, passion and water within them. They are as powerful as the Gods.

It is also said that Indra composed 108 divinities to manifest these Nymphs. The most mentioned nymphs in the holy Vedas and Puranas after Rambha are  Urvashi, Menaka, and Tilottama.

The Sadhak treading the path of spiritual-meditation, wishes to attain complete control over his mind so as to be able to contemplate within deep recesses of his mind. However the mind is the treasure-trove of all desires, and all of them are essentially based on love. Now whatever gets settled in the heart (also called Ur) , can be termed as Urvashi, and this Urvashi resides in everyones mind. This Urvashi generates the feelings of love in the mind. Love knows no limitations. The soft rays of moonlight bathes even the estranged couple in love on the divine night of Sharad Poornima full-moon-night. Naabhidarshana Apsara manifests from the heavens onto the earth on the spiritual invocation of the Sadhaks.

This Sadhana is more significant than even the Brahma Sadhana. The Sadhaks should perform this Sadhana before attempting the Brahma Sadhana.


Naabhidarshana Apsara-

The essence of the beauty itself,  of sweet sixteen years, the wistful petite youthful  body full of love and affection. The sweet soothing fragrant aroma of Her body heralds the arrival of Naabhi-darshana Apsara. The deep black eyes, flowing mane of hair, sweet captivating smile, the moonlike smiling face,  the lotus stemmed delicate arms, and the overall beauty of the beauteous body stupefies-transfixes everyone. God Indra gave Her a boon that anyone coming within Her contact will re-attain youth, his body will be rejuvenated body and transformed into a disease-free state. He will become the very epitome of masculinity.


The aim of life is to keep rising high, to achieve great heights and to keep attaining success. But this is easier said than done. For achieving totality i.e. Dharma (righteousness), Artha (wealth), Kaam (pleasures) and Moksha (salvation) ; and for attaining fame, respect and success in one's field of work one needs Divine assistance, which can only be obtained with the help of Mantra-Tantra and Sadhanas