Perfect Healing


हिंदी के लिये यहा क्लिक करें

Course Syllabus
Day 1: Know yourself, who am I! Cosmology and its impact on my life, Law of attraction, Emotions Management, Goal setting, Time Management, Quantum physics to know meditation, Hypnotism, Reiki Understanding from where money & knowledge comes…

Day2: Self Hypnotism, Give self suggestions,’ I Am the Best’ technique, Hypnosis through eyes, Bindu tratak, Azgar vashikaran tratak

Day 3: Jyoti tratak, Hypnosis through eyes,

Day 4: Hypnosis through eyes. Agarbatti tratak Eagle tratak , Actual Covert Hypnosis, How to cut others hypnosis.

Day 5: Telepathy, Pratima tratak, controlling negative energies. Vashikaran

Day 6: Voice modulation, ॐ kar tratak, Hypnosis through Voice, Lion tratak

Day 7: Super Natural (Parlaukik) Reiki, Magnetic personality, intake, vastu, water therapy, sleep management, Intuition,

Day 8: Kundalini Jagaran, Chakra healing, connect with Universe

Day 9: Pranik Healing (Powerful techniques than Reiki) Totaka and negative energies

Day 10: Accupressure, sujok, Reflexology

Day 11: Grand Master Level Atunement. Lock and Key to preserve energies.

This is 11 Days course, everyday 1 hour training. This makes your mind and soul very strong. We guarantee dramatic changes in your life and personality if followed our teachings.

This course can be learned by any person with any faith (religion, race) Practical application of this knowledge is expected from you to create world peace, brotherhood and harmony.

Deep sense of being is an adventure through which you would have the capacity to interface with your actual nature and let her make an agreement between your brain, body, and soul. You can start this excursion of revelation all alone or take assistance from specialists who have been the directing power in numerous profound victories. They are known as otherworldly healers since they have picked up familiarity with reality and know to utilize it for the advantage of others. 

By what means Can Healers Help Me? 

A healer can help you on the off chance that you are: 

feeling discouraged throughout everyday life and have lost the enthusiasm to live 

overpowered by fears or different feelings being pulverized under the worry of performing in your expert and individual life 

experiencing disease all the time 

skeptical and can't locate the correct way 

associated with unfulfilling exercises or connections 

These are a portion of the issues that a healer can assist you with. As indicated by most healers, the ability to recuperate exists in your own particular self. You should simply connect with your own particular self and see its motivation. Be that as it may, how? Obviously, by honing regular deep sense of being ! 

Otherworldly mending is a procedure through which you can appreciate your psychological, enthusiastic, and physical self and annihilate negative perspectives while let positive states flourishing. Negative vitality is discharged as a result of various feelings, for example, nervousness, outrage, and dread. Most profound sense of being helps in enhancing feeling of strength, poise and gives alleviation from different mental side effects. 

How do Spiritual Healers Work? 

A healer needs to begin by holding a perspective of stirred mindfulness. This offers adjusting to the recuperating vitality. They will filter your body or particular territories, for example, your brow or your chest with their hands or just with their psyche. This is done to recognize the zones where the vitality is low or adhered and to peruse the issues that are recorded in your body mind. It takes at least 1 hour to finish the way toward mending in a session. The time and number of sessions taken by the healer depends totally on the prerequisites of your body and psyche. 

Distinctive profound aides take after various procedures, for example, atmosphere recuperating, concentrating on the chakras and the human vitality field complex structure, past life treatment, and representation, among others. Some of them, similar to me, take after their own medium. 

Would spiritual be able to Healers Teach Me Spirituality? 

A standout amongst the most critical parts of a healer is to share their insight on deep sense of being and utilize it to give direction to others. The part of a healer is two crease. They utilize their aptitude to recuperate individuals and furthermore give information and direction so others can mend themselves. They are otherwise called vitality healers as they utilize constructive vitality for recuperating individuals. 

A healer utilizes thought control emphatically to help individuals who are experiencing a mental or psychological maladjustment. There are various routes by which otherworldly aides can enable you to mend yourself. They can likewise show you supplications or mantras, additionally altered by your requirements, which must be discussed day by day to enable you to expand positive vitality and mindfulness.  Your profound guide can acquaint you with otherworldly mediums, for example, vitality mending or reflection, joined by breathing activities. Contemplation is a standout amongst the best techniques for achieving deep sense of being and edifying the psyche. Reflection has been utilized for quite a long time to help individuals to investigate their internal identities and draw out the vitality that will help in the mending procedure.